• Introducing Essentials 2nd edition

Jesus in His Own Words

What if Jesus were to tell you in first person about His time on earth? “You are about to read an account of the life and ministry of Jesus that combines all four gospels into a single narrative and allows Jesus himself to tell us the story,” writes veteran Bible translator Robert H. Mounce at the beginning of Jesus, In His Own Words. “Although the style is contemporary, the desire is to clarify the meaning of the original text rather than to impressthe reader with clever phrases.” To that end, Mounce’s more conversational interpretation of the Gospelsallows the reader to “be there” during” Christ’s birth and boyhood, at his baptism by John the Baptist, on the hillside when he spoke about the kingdom, amidst the miracle workings, and so on. His approach makes the words fresh to longtime believers and inviting to those seeking Scripture for the first time. Complementing the prosaic text, a full index of people, places, verse units, basic themes, and paragraph headings is also included.

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This morning I attempted to continue a new tradition I have started. We received a great big book from Thomas Nelson I believe (you’ll see a review soon) that includes a CD with ten kid’s praise songs. They are songs from my childhood and bring visual memories to mind of myself skipping around my parent’s house singing at the top of my lungs. How my mother could stand it sometimes, haha. Well AppleBlossom is not quite singing yet, but she sure does dance and bounce and sometimes goes ‘eh ‘eh to the beat. LOL Listening to these songs and singing along really starts my day off in a great mood. I used to have satellite radio, but that is one of the things that we let go of to save money and since then music has really been lacking in this household. There is one local Christian radio station, but. . .

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