Enchanted Aurora #WIP #xstitch Update

All of her purple shades are completed without counting more than 20-30 across. So she’ll have to wait on some other colors like greens and blues. Now what else purple should I work on this weekend? #canada #winter #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchmaynia #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #flosstube #enchantedaurora #joanelliott from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2kKkCLe

Collision of the Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes {Review}

Originally published as The Professor’s Heart from the Love Inspired Heartsong Presents line, this story has been updated and renamed appropriately Collision of the Heart. I stumbled across this novel last week when I was looking for an eARC to download before a road trip. I know that I have always enjoyed Laurie Alice Eakes stories and thus I decided I would give this one a try. From my understanding, another author friend had recommended the circumstances of a train wreck in Laurie Alice’s home state and this was her story creation of possible events. I was enchanted from page one. While I may be the rarity and do not see myself as much of a feminist, I appreciated the desire for independence from our heroine as she struggles with her passion for research and journalism and her love for a local boy now man that she has grown to. . .

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Current rotating cross stitch projects…

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Someone asked me what project I was currently working on. So I decided perhaps a gallery post would help both me and the curiosity of anyone wanting to know. Thus, my current projects and some I’m itching to start stitching! It is an interesting combination of things. Spring by Ruth Sanderson from Heaven and Earth Designs is my first HAED and my first experience with 25ct 1×1 full cross. Fall Faerie and Woodland Enchantress also both by Ruth Sanderson are my first full fabric projects. I plan to stitch Summer on 28ct to keep it the same design size as the other three, but after working a bit with 25ct, I think that is going to be quite the challenge at 28ct! Snow Queen is going to be my first experience stitching 1×2 so that will be neat, I think. The Fishing kit image is a finished piece I made for my dad.. . .

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The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles in the Snow by Julie Andrews Edwards & Emma Walton Hamilton {Review}

The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles in the Snow

Gerry is such a fun and imaginative little girl. As a matter of fact The Very Fairy Princess: Here Comes the Flower Girl continues to be a popular review post and pin for Creative Madness Mama (Pinterest.com/CherryBlossomMJ). I have loved the entire Very Fairy Princess series and hope it continues. It is a New York Times Bestselling series! Glittery textured covers are always a plus. *grin* Here, Gerry wants to be chosen for a solo, but in her disappointment when her music teacher chooses someone else, it takes snow for the winter festival and a surprise circumstance to bring her sparkle back. Full of optimism and fun, the show must go, prepared or not!   On my wish list: View all my reviews

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Sew ‘n Tell: Fall Faerie and Woodland Enchantress

*Well this is an old drafted post. As my birthday was in mid November.  You want to know a secret? My birthday is next Wednesday. I’ve been working daily on my Fall Faerie from the Dimensions Gold Collection and I’m really enjoying it. I am almost finished with the bottom right quadrant. I’m curious about gridding the next section I work on as I found was recommended in the HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) Facebook Group. This group has provided an amazing blessing to find like-minded individuals just as passionate, if not much more so about cross stitching as I am! I need to buy my supplies for working on Ruth Sanderson’s Spring and Summer, and I’m still looking for bargains. Where do you buy your cross stitching supplies? Now we are about eight days into December. If you have been missing my cross stitch updates you might want to. . .

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7 FREE Learning Resources for the holidays!

The Little Fir Tree

I haven’t started decorating for the holidays yet. Personally it’s too soon! But as a book blogger, I’ve had Christmas themed books on my mind since early September! and thus I’ve been thinking about ways to tweak our homeschool curricula with a little Christmas flair when the time comes. One of my favorite resources for go-to printables with no color and no hassel is Moffatt Girls packs. I need to buy the next level! You can find her stuff on TeachersPayTeachers. Guaranteed every year, I’ll probably tell you that I’m most excited about the books. The children’s books that is. Each year we put our Halloween/Leaves/Fall/Pumpkin/Thanksgiving books away in a box. Another box hosts our Christmas/Winter/New Years holiday themed books. When it is time to get out this box, all the memories come flooding back. In a perfect world, all my books would be out all the time. However, I. . .

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Finding Spring by Carin Berger

Instead of hibernating as he should, a little bear cub goes out in search of spring—and he thinks he’s found it! Gloriously illustrated with cut-paper collages, Carin Berger’s stunning picture book celebrates the changing of the seasons.

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First Snow by Peter McCarty

First Snow is the newest picture book from acclaimed and Caldecott Honor–winning author/illustrator Peter McCarty, which extends the winning world of animal characters established in Chloe and Henry in Love.

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