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Mary Engelbreit’s Nutcracker republished for 2014!

The Nutcracker is one of the world’s most timeless Christmas stories, and Mary Engelbreit’s delightful interpretation of these memorable characters, now in a durable new format, makes this a classic tale that’s truly beautiful to behold.

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The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas

Every Christmas millions of kids and adults track Santa on the NORAD Santa Tracker. Now, author Michael Keane brings to life this fun tradition with his new children’s book The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas. Written in the iconic style of “The Night Before Christmas,” The Night Santa Got Lost begins on a blustery and treacherous Christmas Eve as Santa sets off to deliver toys to good little boys and girls everywhere. As always, NORAD is faithfully tracking him to make sure no harm comes his way. But when Santa disappears from their radar screen, NORAD’s skills and resources are put to the test as they scramble to find Santa and save Christmas. Entertaining and educational, The Night Santa Got Lost will delight parents and children alike while teaching kids about our military, team work, and the true spirit of Christmas.

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A Perfect Day by Carin Berger

With her signature stunning cut-paper illustrations, Carin Berger celebrates everything that is wonderful about a crisp, snowy day. A perfect day and a perfect winter companion to her New York Times Best Illustrated Book, The Little Yellow Leaf.

After it snows and snows and snows, what could be better than going outside and making the first tracks? How about snowball fights, building snowmen, ice skating, sledding, and going home to steaming mugs of hot chocolate? And doing all of these things with your very best friends? Carin Berger’s spare text and enchanting cut-paper collages-made from old books, torn paper, catalogs, and ephemera-capture every magical moment of a snowy winter day. The award-winning artist has created a spectacular and satisfying winter companion to her acclaimed The Little Yellow Leaf. Sure to be a classroom classic!

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Snowman Magic by Katherine Tegen {Review}

When George stays home from school for a snow day, he finds himself staring out the window, bored. But when the snow finally settles and he sees the beautiful white slopes in his yard, he gets himself dressed to face the cold weather. George starts rolling the snow into balls and assembling them into a snowman. After his snowman is made, something magical happens! How long will George’s magical fun last with his new friend?

In this original tale, Katherine Tegen has captured the magic of the snowman, while Brandon Dorman’s beautiful illustrations truly bring him to life.

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All the Seasons of the Year by Deborah Lee Rose {Review}

Celebrate the power of love between mothers and children
that lasts all school year long.

In this charming story, a mama cat loves her kitten through all the seasons: in autumn, when they rake leaves into piles; in winter, when they sled down snowy hills; in spring, when they fly kites; and in summer, when they splash together in the water. Parents, grandparents, and all the special people in a child’s life will love sharing this sweet celebration through all the seasons of the year and in years to come.

Kay Chorao’s warm and colorful illustrations bring to life Deborah Lee Rose’s endearing verses, which capture the many ways a child is cherished year-round.

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