DIY Crib Guard Rail Teething Cover Tutorial with snaps!

OrangeBlossom is eating everything! Forget the teething ring, she wants cardboard and wood. So now both her crib railing and the toddler railing on her big sister’s bed are getting munched on. Thinking it’s not healthy and it’s definitely not pretty so I needed to remedy that!

In step a search and discovery! I found a good tutorial that I was able to tweak a bit to get what works for me.

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Sew-n-Tell Friday: Wuthering Heights

Yesterday was a busy but good day. I’m really having issues with being cold though. It seems to especially be my right hand. I just cannot seem to keep it warm. *sigh* AppleBlossom does not seem to mind anything though. As a matter of fact her room is so cold that I cannot stand to go in there to change her diaper. So I’ve been running in the room, grabbing a diaper, then we’ve been on the rug in the middle of the living room to change. Silly, but warm and effective. In her room we have a convertible bed that is currently in toddler mode. She loves it, but won’t sleep there at night (hasn’t for months) and I say that is because it was too cold in there at night. During the day, if she’s really tired, she’ll go down in there, but if she’s not tired, she’ll. . .

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