Allergies are not my friend.

Sinuses hurt! Head cold nightmare after a week plus of sick kids. Including a croupy toddler. This is my husbands made up remedy. It helps. But oh how I wish this would go away! #sick #ill #illness #mamasrecipe #mamaissick #sinus #sinusinfection #sinusitis from Instagram:

Another day.

So, VBS nursery duty. Wednesday sick kid exposure. Friday, sick baby Rascal (aka Almond). Sunday, sick Princess (aka OrangeBlossom). Wednesday, sick AppleBlossom. Saturday, sick mama. *sigh*

Fevers are pretty much gone. No more fever reducers or honey-cough needed much. AppleBlossom is having some pretty bad waking up with painful coughing (drainage and such) so we’ve given her a bit more there. But otherwise I’m toughing it out and dealing with three kids with runny noses and my own sore throat feeling.

We will survive. Eventually.

And in the meanwhile, since she’s no longer fevered, we’ve jumped back into schoolwork. We are trying to get some stuff done from the last year and have made some interesting decisions for the up coming year on curriculum and such. More details, if you’re interested…

A word from the silence…

Last week was VBS at our church. I was in the nursery watching workers kiddos including my own 11 month old Rascal. On Wednesday, day 3, a child had a non-stop faucet or clear runny nose and a faint cough. On Thursday, day 4, a second child had a repetitive cough. On Friday, the day after VBS ended my Rascal had a runny nose, and by evening a cough.

Now, days later he has a horrid congested cough. Runny nose with no end, and is just a clinging whimpering mess. He had two days of a moderately high fever topping out at 103.9 one night. Now he’s steady at 99.9. A few days ago, I watched in near slow motion horror as OrangeBlossom in her three year old loving self kissed him on his clear wet nose. As of last night she is following in full symptoms currently sporting a 103.5 fever. But her attitude is still good as long as it’s not night. I did not like the sound of a croupe cough last night, I hope that was just a fluke of congestion. I really don’t want to repeat that with another child after experiencing it so much with AppleBlossom.


A different fever…

So now it’s the super hero daughter that has the fever instead of the princess. AppleBlossom just sat in one spot on the couch all yesterday and she’s currently registering 103.8. *sigh* Probably just whatever her sister had that has come and gone. Guess that’s Easter Sunday. (Don’t want to infect people. Surely I’ll get out of the house one day, right?)

And lightning strikes..

I’ve been with limited and temperamental internet since this weekend. So I’m here, but I’m not here. Hopefully I’ll soon be here.

Update on children. Well for one I’m healthy again, and now I think the children are too. Well, there is a whiny teether, but you know… life goes on.

I spoke too soon…

So I was delighted to be able to announce yesterday morning that we’re all well and the tummy troubles behind us. Then they cried all night.

Today the princess is proofing a 102 some odd fever and complaint about throat pain and horrid whining.

Thanks snow in spring. I want to stop being sick! Now would be nice.

Sick here

As if everything else wasn’t enough we were hit by gastroenteritis upon returning home. It’s now made it’s way around to me and the babe.

Oh woah is me and my sick children. Naptime.


So OrangeBlossom is okay. She stopped by about 11:15, slept and woke ravenous at 1:35. She kept down crackers and cereal and drank a whole water bottle over the next few hours. AppleBlossom spent the afternoon glossy-eyed and I was wary but she never got sick in the same way. Today both girls claimed to be sick but had fits of hyperactivity and no one was activity I’ll. Almond is still working on his top right front tooth and now I see evidence of the bottom two front teeth as well. And he’s acting like it. Oh and at 10:30 tonight we discovered water dripping from the ceiling and thus as ice dam on the roof and pooling in the attic that is now dripping in the kitchen/living room. I’m only freaking out a little.

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I’m so tired.

Maybe exhausted is a better word. I keep coming up with things to blog and share. Like Christmas photos, the latest update in my Woodland Enchantress cross stitch progress, just cuteness of that baby who is almost six months old. But then I think I’ll do it later and now we’re a week into January! I have no voice and a fever, again. Again I tell you. I think I had a week or two when I was feeling pretty good but still coughing since the flu hit at Thanksgiving. But now, again. Do you know what it is like to run a normal household day with a three and five year old and not be able to speak? I can barely stage whisper and there is a lot of snapping, clapping, and pointing going on. At least a smile and a poke communicates to baby boy what he needs. . .

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