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Boba Baby Carrier

I really love babywearing. In the spring of 2010, when AppleBlossom was just a little older than OrangeBlossom is now, I had a whole month and some of featuring all sorts of carriers and other information. Some carriers were borrowed, some provided for review, some given on by request of the company to charity, some live in my closet and then others I use practically daily. Previous to then, I did not know much about babywearing, other than my SisterL did it and she had wraps. Now I’m in love with it all and fascinated by all the options available. My staple for on the go has been my ring slings, but I’ll tell you not all ring slings are created equal! Some are grab and go, and some are a bit more bulky and not so easy to work with (although gorgeous!). My favorite ring slings have to be. . .

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