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The Hottest New Accessories for Spring 2012

Are you looking for a new and fun accessory for Spring? Try a Bible for a change. Zondervan, the world’s leading Bible publisher, unveils their new line of fashion Bibles for 2012. Unexpected and beautiful, these Bibles come in a variety of styles and colors sure to transform your wardrobe–from everyday casual to your Sunday best. Why we love these Bibles – The new, versatile fashion Bible collection from Zondervan perfectly accessories any outfit for any occasion playing off all the colors in your closet. At affordable prices, these Bible accessories can be found at booksellers everywhere. So here’s my confession. (I made a similar confession in the past, but this is more relevant to now…) I love Bibles, I collect Bibles. Some girls collect shoes and purses, I so collect Bibles. Now… with this new line of Bibles for Spring fashion from Zondervan… oh my this is so right. . .

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