Coming Soon from the Pen, Please Welcome Stacy Henrie!

What made you interested in writing Christian Historical Fiction? Do you write any other genres?

I’ve always loved history, romance, and historical fiction, so writing historical romances came pretty naturally.

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Hope at Dawn (Of Love and War, #1) in stores now!

With her brothers away fighting the Great War overseas, Livy Campbell desperately wants to help her family. Her chance comes when she meets a handsome stranger who lands her a job as a teacher in a place far from her parents’ farm. But the war casts a long shadow over the German-American town that Livy now calls home—and the darkness will test everything she thought she knew about family and love . . .

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Creative Madness of Historical Author Stacy Henrie!

I love the phrase “creative madness!” It describes me when I’m digitally scrapbooking and have to finish my page, or plotting out a scene in one of my books, or my husband’s recent approach to visiting Disneyland.  🙂 But I’m coming to realize that fervor of creative energy, in any area of our lives, can’t be the same all the time. We need time to rest, to muse, to breathe, to slow down. Some of my best ideas for my writing come when I’m not at the keyboard, but rather doing regular day-to-day tasks. This really hit home a few weeks back, when filled with “creative madness” about my upcoming book and other projects, I stopped for a time to watch my daughter playing in the sprinklers. Watching her joy at getting wet reminded me of the importance of doing less, instead of more. What might have felt at first. . .

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