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Her Abundant Joy — Giveaway Link

HER ABUNDANT JOY (Avon Inspire; Trade Paperback Original; On Sale: June 1, 2010; ISBN: 9780061373428; $12.99) is the third and final book of the Texas: Star of Destiny series, featuring a beautiful German immigrant trying to escape her painful past and find peace in the arms of a Texas Ranger. It’s 1846 and Mariel, a beautiful young widow from Germany, has traveled tirelessly and survived the grueling voyage from her native country to stat a new life in Texas. After circumstances forced her to become a servant to a harsh master, Mariel is desperate to leave, but how can a single woman face the dangerous frontier alone? Texas Ranger Carson Quinn safely leads the party of German immigrants, including Mariel, through the perilous southern Comanche-held territory. Of his charges, Mariel catches Carson’s eye, and he admires her determination and strength, soon vowing that he will do what is necessary to. . .

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