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Suburban Tree Hugger & gDiapers

Did you miss me? We just got back from Georgia. We sold our house! Yay!!! Squeal with me for joy! AppleBlossom was able to see both sets of grandparents a couple aunts and an uncle as well as some cousins including her younger cousin by four months and some. It was great fun! (She is shorter and smaller than him, we have discovered she is petite). Longest story short, right before we left (it was last minute) we found out she had an ear infection (her first). Leading to a yeast infection… so for travel sake and sanity sake (as far as a yeast infection and cures go we decided to travel with only gDiapers. Well she is petite, but has just out grown her small little gPants, so I was short and only had seven medium little gPants… We were able to make it work for a while, but. . .

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