HAED Challenge 3 #WIP #xstitch

End of Challenge 3 with only a few hours to spare. Challenge stitch goal was 7.3K. I finally stopped at just over 7.7K stitches in. That’s a whole Large page and over half of a second. #xstitch #crossstitch #haed #heavenandearthdesigns #laguna #28count 1×1 #summer #ruthsanderson from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2etcaSn

Free Summer Reading Programs

We are a book-loving family. I am training my little reader well. Even my two non-readers are addicted to books and pouring over page daily. So of course, when summer comes along what excites me? Summer Reading Programs with free rewards, please! Here are a few that I have discovered for this year…   Barnes and Noble Summer Reading  Download a PDF to chart your reading and turn it in after reading a handful of books. This year the theme is a Triathalon. Four questions are provided, and your student is required to answer at least three. This you turn in, to your location Barnes & Noble store to earn a free book. They are also having a Super Hero and Location election and other printable activities. *Do not forget! As homeschoolers, we do qualify for an Educator Discount Card. Check out more details at BN.com/Educator. If you purchase any. . .

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Summer Activities for Adventures in Odyssey Fans

Summer is officially here! Don’t let your kids’ boredom run rampant. Adventures in Odyssey is here to save the day. Below are some must-try ideas for summer fun! Want even more summer fun? For the month of June, you can join the Odyssey Adventure Club for only $5! More details can be found here. Summer Activities As a parent you are probably a big proponent of reading. Encourage your kids to dig into a book or two this summer with Adventures in Odyssey’s On Your Marks Summer Reading Challenge. Bonus points if YOU create a reading challenge for yourself as you read along with your kids! Looking for something hands-on? Create Matthew in 3-D! Invite a few of your kids’ friends over for a play date, print off the activity sheet, and let them have at it for the afternoon (with the promise of cookies and lemonade once they’ve finished. . .

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Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face Kids Sun Stick Roll/Rub on sunscreen in a stick Every parent knows it…the dreaded sunscreen application tango.  You try to lather it on as quickly as possible while your kids do everything in their power to squirm and dance their way out of your arms.  With the Kiss My Face Kids Sun Stick and Kids Natural Mineral Sunblock SPF 30, applying sunscreen can be easy and fun.  The formula is 100 percent natural and is one of few all natural sunscreens with SPF 30 and full UVA and UVB protection.  So, this summer say hello to fun in the sun, sans the tango! Kiss My Face Kids Sun Stick SPF 30 ($10.99) ·         Free of parabens, artificial colors or fragrances, nano particles, phthalates and gluten ·         Water resistant ·         Organic Jojoba Oil, Beeswax and Cocoa Butter provide additional moisture to keep skin soft and smooth ·         Available. . .

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