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To Whisper Her Name (Belle Meade Plantation) by Tamera Alexander {Review}

Historically accurate, compelling new series from award-winning, bestselling author Tamera Alexander.

Set within the remarkable history of Nashville’s historic Belle Meade Plantation, To Whisper Her Name weaves real historical characters of the post-war South with the journeys of a man and a woman both disillusioned by betrayal.

Olivia Aberdeen, destitute widow of a murdered carpetbagger, gratefully accepts an invitation from “Aunt” Elizabeth Harding, mistress of Belle Meade Plantation and the dearest friend of Olivia’s late mother. Expecting to be the Harding’s housekeeper, Olivia is disillusioned once again when she learns the real reason why Elizabeth’s husband, Confederate General William Giles Harding, agreed to her coming. Caring for an ill Aunt Elizabeth, Olivia is caught off guard by her feelings for Ridley Adam Cooper, a southern-born man who-unbeknownst to her and everyone else-fought for the Union.

Determined to learn “the gift” that Belle Meade’s head horse trainer, Bob Green, possesses, Ridley is a man desperate to end the war still raging inside him, while harboring secrets that threaten his life.

As Ridley seeks to make peace within himself for “betraying” the South he loved, Olivia is determined to never be betrayed again…

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Trailer Tuesday: To Whisper Her Name

by Tamera Alexander
Also in this series: To Mend a Dream: A Southern Love Story
Also by this author: , Among the Fair Magnolias: Four Southern Love Stories, To Mend a Dream: A Southern Love Story
Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance
Published by Bethany House

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About Tamera Alexander

Tamera Alexander is the best-selling author of numerous books including A Lasting Impression and The Inheritance. Her richly-drawn characters and thought-provoking plots have earned her devoted readers worldwide. Tamera is a two-time Christy Award winner, two-time RITA winner, and a recipient of the prestigious Library Journal Award. Tamera and her husband recently returned to her Southern roots and now make their home in Nashville. Visit her website at www.tameraalexander.com Facebook: tamera.alexander Twitter: @tameraalexander

Road to the Christys: A Lasting Impression

The second 2012 Christy Award Nominee that I can bring to you for review should come to you as no surprise from the Historical Romance category. A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander, now let me tell you… that is exactly what Tammy does with every book she writes. *Originally posted November 2011* A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander Belmont Mansion, #1 Genre: Christian Historical Romance Pages: 432 Trade Paperback Date Published: November 2011 Publisher: Bethany House A fake. A forger. More than anything, Claire Laurent longs for the chance to live an authentic life, to become the woman she wants to be. And she’ll be given that choice. But will it come at too costly a price? Claire Laurent’s greatest aspiration is to paint something that will bring her acclaim. Yet her father insists she work as a copyist. A forger. When she’s forced to flee from New Orleans to. . .

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A Lasting Impression (Belmont Mansion) by Tamera Alexander {Review}

From Christy and RITA Award-winning author Tamera Alexander comes a novel about the difference between knowing who you are–and knowing who you want to become.

Claire Laurent’s greatest aspiration is to paint something that will bring her acclaim. Yet her father insists she work as a copyist. A forger. When she’s forced to flee from New Orleans to Nashville only a year after the War Between the States has ended, her path collides with attorney Sutton Monroe. She considers him a godsend for not turning her in to the authorities. But after he later refuses to come to her aid, Claire fears she’s sorely misjudged the man. Finding herself among the elite of Nashville’s society, Claire believes her dream to create a lasting impression in the world of art is within reach–but only if her fraudulent past remains hidden.

The Federal Army has destroyed Sutton’s home and confiscated his land, and threatens to destroy his family’s honor. His determination to reclaim what belongs to him and to right a grievous wrong reveals a truth that may cost him more than he ever imagined–as well as the woman he loves.

Set at Nashville’s historic Belmont Mansion, a stunning antebellum manor built by Mrs. Adelicia Acklen, A Lasting Impression is a sweeping love story about a nation mending after war, the redemption of those wounded, and the courage of a man and woman to see themselves–and each other–for who they really are.

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A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander in stores now!

Blockbuster New Historical Series from Acclaimed Author Tamera Alexander To create something that will last is Claire Laurent’s most fervent desire as an artist. It’s also her greatest weakness. When her fraud of a father deals her an unexpected hand, Claire is forced to flee from New Orleans to Nashville, only a year after the War Between the States has ended. Claire’s path collides with that of Sutton Monroe, and she considers him a godsend for not turning her in to the authorities. But when they meet again and he refuses to come to her aid, she realizes she’s sorely misjudged the man. Trading an unwanted destiny for an unknown future, Claire finds herself in the middle of Nashville’s elite society and believes her dream of creating a lasting impression in the world of art may finally be within reach. All that Sutton Monroe holds dear lies in ruin. He’s. . .

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A Tailor-Made Bride up for Western Romance Award

Our very own Karen Witemeyer is a finalist in the 2010 Best Western Romance contest hosted by the Love Western Romances blog site. This site focuses mostly on general market titles, but they are open to inspirational as well, and Karen’s debut novel, A Tailor-Made Bride, was selected as one of the finalists. The winner is decided by popular vote, so please take a minute and visit the website to vote. http://www.lovewesternromances.com/2010BestWesternRomance.html Everyone who votes will have a chance to win a goodie basket full of books plus a $25 gift card from Barnes & Noble. Three other Christian authors were also named finalists, so if you haven’t read Karen’s book, stop by anyway and vote for Vickie McDonough, Tamera Alexander, or Margaret Brownley. How fabulous would it be for a Christian novel to win this award?

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Review: Remembered, Fountain Creek Chronicles #3

Remembered by Tamera Alexander A touching historical romance set in Colorado of a woman searching for her father and finding love on the journey. Fountain Creek Chronicles, Book 3. [close] A touching historical romance set in Colorado of a woman searching for her father and finding love on the journey. Fountain Creek Chronicles, Book 3. [close] My rating: 5 of 5 starsThis book was the best of the trilogy. Really in this series, each book was better and better. A companion whose only thing she has ever lacked was a father goes in a forced search to find him when it seems all else is lost to her. She finds everything that she was meant to find, even when she did not realize that is what she was looking for. This story tells of patience, learning God’s will and His timing, love, loss, friendship, fears, and the gift of giving.. . .

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Review: Revealed, Fountain Creek Chronicles #2

Revealed by Tamera Alexander Annabelle Grayson has been given a second chance at life, but she can’t claim it with the cloud of her past hanging over her in Willow Springs. After her husband dies, she advertises for a trail guide to accompany her to land waiting for her in Idaho-and a most unlikely candidate applies for the job. Matthew Taylor is a man on the run, with consequences of past mistakes pursuing him at every turn. Meeting Annabelle Grayson the first time was unpleasant enough, but when she crosses his path again, her presence in his life-and what she reveals-is devastating. If given a single wish, Matthew would turn back time and right a grievous wrong. If given a second wish, he would make Annabelle Grayson pay. My rating: 5 of 5 starsThis book is completely about forgiveness. It is a sequel, but is about a completely different character. . .

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Review: Rekindled, Fountain Creek Chronicles #1

Rekindled by Tamera Alexander Left for dead, Larson Jennings returns home badly burned. His obviously pregnant wife Kathryn is losing their ranch. Disfigured beyond recognition to most-Larson is determined to save his family. Fountain Creek Chronicles book 1. My rating: 5 of 5 stars (review written in 2007)I read this all in one day in two sittings. Well to be honest, it’s now 5:22am… so just over one day. 🙂 If you liked Francine Rivers‘ Redeeming Love or Tracie Peterson‘s Yukon Quest then you are sure to love this little novel. Heartbreaking struggle from both ends of a marriage to make things work in the best of times and worst of times with a second chance is just fabulous. A great read! View all my reviews >>

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Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander: a review

Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander When Dr. Molly Whitcomb, Professor of Romance Languages, steps off the train in Colorado Territory, she makes a choice–one that goes against everything she stands for. Yet it’s the only choice that offers her a chance to regain a fraction of all she’s lost. Sheriff James McPherson’s instincts about people rarely miss the mark. He knows Professor Whitcomb is hiding something. He just doesn’t know what. When James learns Molly’s secret, his own reputation is undermined. But when Molly Whitcomb’s reinvented life begins to unravel, it threatens his job, the stability of Timber Ridge, and what he always knew to be true about himself.   My review rating: 5 of 5 stars Reading the back cover blurb for the book a reader knows that the main character Molly Whitcomb has a secret that is reputation-ruin worthy. After reading the first chapter a reader knows. . .

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From A Distance by Tamera Alexander: a review

From a Distance by Tamera Alexander What happens when the realization of a dream isn’t what you imagined… and the secret you’ve spent a lifetime guarding is finally laid bare? Determined to become one of the country’s premier newspaper photographers, Elizabeth Westbrook travels to the Colorado Territory to capture the grandeur of the mountains surrounding the remote town of Timber Ridge. She hopes, too, that the cool, dry air of Colorado, and its renowned hot springs, will cure the mysterious illness that threatens her career, and her life. Daniel Ranslett, a former Confederate sharpshooter, is a man shackled by his past, and he’ll do anything to protect his land, and his solitude. When an outspoken Yankee photographer captures an image that appears key to solving a murder, putting herself in danger, Daniel is called upon to repay a debt. He’s a man of his word, but repaying that debt could. . .

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Christy Winners and Finalists Announced!!!

Here are the Christy winners and Finalists!!! I plan to read them all, but for now, you can see my comments on those that I have be blessed to read. – MJ CONTEMPORARY (Stand Alone) Winner:Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin (Thomas Nelson) Finalists: In High Places by Tom Morrisey (Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group) Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson (Thomas Nelson) [I just won a copy the other day, I cannot wait to read it!] CONTEMPORARY (Series, Sequels and Novellas) Winner:Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon (Viking Penguin) Finalists: A Time to Mend by Sally John and Gary Smalley (Thomas Nelson) What Lies Within by Karen Ball (WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group) [I have only read part of this one so far, but enjoyed that part. I really liked the first two of this series as well. Karen is very talented, but then I think that is. . .

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From A Distance by Tamera Alexander

This week, theChristian Fiction Blog Allianceis introducing From A Distance(Bethany House June 1, 2008)byTamera Alexander Book was detained, I will read this and write a review and I cannot wait. Oh, and btw Tamera is a fellow GACS persona! MJABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tamera Alexander is a bestselling novelist whose deeply drawn characters, thought-provoking plots and poignant prose resonate with readers. Tamera is a finalist for the 2008 Christy Award Remembered, and has been awarded the coveted RITA® from Romance Writers of America Revealed, along with Library Journal’s Top Christian Fiction of 2006 Rekindled. Having lived in Colorado for seventeen years, she and her husband now make their home in the quaint town of historic Franklin, Tennessee, where they enjoy life with their two college-age children and a precious—and precocious—silky terrier named Jack. A Note from Tamera: Stories are journeys, and each story I write is a journey for me. Rekindled. . .

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Tamera Alexander’s Rekindled, Revealed & Remembered

I just finished reading Tamera Alexander’s current Trilogy. It was thoroughly enjoyable, it was better with every new twist and turn. Rekindled/Revealed/Remembered (Fountain Creek Chronicles 1-3) by Tamera Alexander published 2007 by Bethany House Publishers binding Paperback isbn 0764283464 (isbn13: 9780764283468) pages 1024 description This popular three-book series features a different romance in each novel. In the late 1860s, Colorado Territory is a wild and untamed land. Nestled …more [close] This popular three-book series features a different romance in each novel. In the late 1860s, Colorado Territory is a wild and untamed land. Nestled within its mountains and sustained by one of its major creeks, three couples find adventure and love on the frontier. Each person will be called upon to stand on nothing more than faith, risk what is most dear, and turn away from the past in order to follow God’s plan for the future. Titles include Rekindled,. . .

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