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The Missionary: A Novel by William Carmichael and David Lambert

The Missionary by William Carmichael David Eller is an American missionary in Venezuela, married to missionary nurse Christie. Together they rescue homeless children in Caracas. But for David, that isn’t enough. The supply of homeless children is endless because of massive poverty and the oppressive policies of the Venezuelan government, led by the Hugo Chavez-like Armando Guzman. In a moment of anger, David publicly rails against the government, unaware that someone dangerous might be listening—a revolutionary looking for recruits. David falls into an unimaginable nightmare of espionage, ending in a desperate, life-or-death gamble to flee the country with his wife and son, with all the resources of a corrupt dictatorship at their heels For more information, to see the video, or interact with the authors visit: www.missionarynovel.com. Taut and gripping. You’ll be glad you made the investment. —Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times national bestselling author, including the 65,000,000-selling Left Behind. . .

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