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So this is verbatim my About Me Page, but I thought you might want to see it and might not stumble upon it. So here, all copy and paste into a post just for your benefit. You’re welcome.

Updated and Edited March 2012


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Evening. Well at least it is for me, or actually looking at the clock I do suppose it is almost morning. Yet again, just because it is that time for me here and now does not mean that it is for you there and now or then. Hmm… No matter what time a day it is, welcome. I’m delighted to have you stop by. I started writing this as a Welcome to Blossom School, a side project of Creative Madness Mama, but realized that my bio on the About Page from Creative Madness Mama was written in April 2010!

My profile bio since I started blogging has always said, Young, married, and fully in love. I love to read all sorts of things, but mostly religious fiction novels as well as L.M. Montgomery books etc. I grew up a lover of Anne of Green Gables books and films alike. My daddy and I are genealogists and my mama and I are sewing ladies (see I’ve been cross stitching for about ten years and two years into quilting. It is a definite love! Now, if you update that… still young, still happily blissfully married and definitely still fully in love. At this point (2012) I guess I’d say it’s been 15 years of cross stitching and 7 years since I first started quilting. Although my skill set has not increased equivalently with the years as I’ve added on a few moves here and there as well as two lovely daughters. Known here as my blossoms. AppleBlossom came to bloom in the summer of 2009, while her little sister joined our garden just recently in the late summer of 2011. (Is this blossom thing going to my head?)

Blossom. Hmm.. now where did that come from? Long story short. When we were still living in Atlanta (uh… 2006, I think) I had a T-Mobile Razer phone that I desperately loved and owned for about two days. It was pink with cherry blossoms etched in it. I was signing myself up for some account or another online and needed a screen name. My mother was not crazy about my AIM login at the time (asnugglydarlin) so I went for CherryBlossomMJ (MJ is a nickname I’ve had for life). Then when AppleBlossom came along and needed an internet pseudenom it just worked. Then after polling with friends and blog readers we came up with OrangeBlossom for her little sister. Now in the future… hmm… PearBlossom? But as for a male version, I’m clueless. Always open to opinions on that one. How’s that for a tangent?

My Enginerd husband and I are Georgia born and bred, but from an occupation related move we’ve ended up in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. He does his engineer things and I read books, lots of books, and quilt, and sometimes cross stitch. In my old biography sketch it ended there, but now I also review and review and review. As well as chase a toddler, attempt to potty train on her desire, breastfeed an infant, teach the alphabet, sing about colors, change diapers, wash our cloth diapers, play games full of giggles, enforce naptime, deal with the drama of tag-teamed naptimes(!), nurse an amazingly starving baby, attempt to teach crawling (and tell her that crawling comes first even though she can almost walk), eat goldfish, drink chocolate milk made with NesQuik, wonder why I forgot lunch again and remember that I have a few hundred dozen books to read and review waiting… Life hasn’t changed, much.

I have always been a book-a-holic and ever since entering the book review world have completely fallen in head-over-heels (original bio said hills, *snicker*) and hope to never leave my little library. As an attempt to show my mother and sisters what I am up to I created Creative Madness Mama where I post pictures of current quilt projects and many many book reviews. I thrive on Historical Fiction, but love many others as well. (See

I have a background with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and an Associate of Science in pre-Nursing. As of August 2009, I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mama) to a perfect baby girl with bloggy-love referred to as AppleBlossom (been over that already, remember the tangent?). We since added OrangeBlossom as well. We cloth diaper and plan to homeschool. My blog is open for guest reviews on various topic an in addition to book reviews, I am open to product reviews as well for various maternity/baby/family items that are completely worthwhile and need to be known and promoted! Most recently we’ve also started in on reviewing Movies, TV shows and even curriculum.

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Toddler Adventures ~ 29 1/2 months

The toddler adventures have been running full steam around here, even if I am still sick. (I just cannot seem to kick this sinus infection!) Monday was great with the Enginerd home (in and out of the garage working on projects) and we got to see several foxes traipsing through the yard. Tuesday was especially eventful as in the morning AppleBlossom and I discovered that a brilliantly red Cardinal is building a nest in the Crape Myrtle right outside the nursery window. (I’ll try to get a photo). This is very exciting to me, and I hope that it will stay and be a successful nest and maybe we’ll get to see baby birds a while later. Then later in the morning, while in the kitchen through the dining area widow into the backyard we saw deer! Tons of deer, an entire herd of deer. There were like twelve. AppleBlossom. . .

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Oh woah is me…

So it all started a few weeks ago, when I was dreading our trip for Christmas because I had that knowing taste in my mouth and feeling in my ears where I knew I had drainage and was going to be sick. Then AppleBlossom suddenly had croup. *sigh* Luckily, it was the night before the day of OrangeBlossom’s four-month well check up. So! We had her on a steroid plan if it got worse, and the next day it was horribly worse. So she had that and recovered and I started to feel better. Went to Georgia and drove back home to Tennessee. (Although home really always really be Georgia…) Next day. Horrid. Four 1/2 month old OrangeBlossom coughing up a storm, a very bad bronchial cough. AppleBlossom whining like a crazy toddler – more than a normal toddler. The Enginerd was even snappy and coughing with a fever. Alas.. . .

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Hiatus and illnesses

Already, I was planning on taking a few days, but I had not taken the time to put up a post stating as much. Never fear, there will be a winner for the Christian Historical Fiction Challenge from 2011, so make sure you update your lists!

The Enginerd has a sinus thingy, AppleBlossom has bronchiolitis, croup and an ear infection. OrangeBlossom has worse bronchiolitis and we’re using a nebulizer with albuterol every four hours (24-7) until further notice. (She’s four months old at this point to AB’s two years). I’m a tired mama.


What started out as a well visit, didn’t turn out so well for the other one… OrangeBlossom had her well check up for 4 months this morning. Very healthy girl right in ranges, average short and light weight – but much more in both areas than AppleBlossom was. Exema, but nothing wrong with her. AB was making funny noises this morning, so she got checked out while we were there. Very red, very bad sore throat and croup. Got a Rx for a prednisone and decided to wait a few days to see if it’s viral and passes. (Remember the terrible fevers and croup last winter/spring?) Came home, she’s gotten much much worse. Sleeping, waking crying terribly in pain and barking loudly. Her fever that was 101.5 when we left home, 101.6 at the doctor’s office is now (after Tylenol) 103.7. I’ve got her with the cool mist humidifier in. . .

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Big Sisters are the Best by Fran Manushkin

Becoming a big sister is an exciting time full of smiles, smells, hugs, and kisses. For ages 2-5.

Bringing a new baby into the home is a time of wonder and challenges. Author Fran Manushkin celebrates this special time with tales that emphasize that there is plenty of love for everyone, baby and all.

Also available by author Fran Manushkin: Big Brothers Are the Best.

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Infantino Tummy Triangle

When it came to tummy time for AppleBlossom what I remember most was immediate spit up and crying of discomfort. She loved being on her tummy on our chests, but when it came to using the “toys” we had specifically for tummy time she and I were not a fan.

So this next time around with OrangeBlossom I was not sure what we would do. We still have that ole ladybug, but I’m not crazy about pulling it out. Infantino fixed my query!

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Had a Baby!!

Two weeks old as of Yesterday! (Click any photo to enlarge) So it’s official. We have two gorgeous daughters! And from the looks of the early baby photos these gals might just seem to favor each other a little bit. I’m curious if it’s true that people will ask us later if we have twins (with only 24 months separating them). It will be interesting… Althea Jane (OrangeBlossom to you all folk) was born 1:26 pm CST at 7 lbs 2 oz and 19″ in length or height depending on who you ask. That’s to Charlotte Elspeth’s (AppleBlossom) 8 lbs 2.3 oz and 19″. We left the hospital at around 4:30 the next afternoon. After AppleBlossom I was out of it for weeks and pretty pathetic. After OrangeBlossom I was raring to eat and go home about three hours later. Explain that!? This was a much better experience for myself. . .

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