Infantino Tummy Triangle

When it came to tummy time for AppleBlossom what I remember most was immediate spit up and crying of discomfort. She loved being on her tummy on our chests, but when it came to using the “toys” we had specifically for tummy time she and I were not a fan.

So this next time around with OrangeBlossom I was not sure what we would do. We still have that ole ladybug, but I’m not crazy about pulling it out. Infantino fixed my query!

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Had a Baby!!

Two weeks old as of Yesterday! (Click any photo to enlarge) So it’s official. We have two gorgeous daughters! And from the looks of the early baby photos these gals might just seem to favor each other a little bit. I’m curious if it’s true that people will ask us later if we have twins (with only 24 months separating them). It will be interesting… Althea Jane (OrangeBlossom to you all folk) was born 1:26 pm CST at 7 lbs 2 oz and 19″ in length or height depending on who you ask. That’s to Charlotte Elspeth’s (AppleBlossom) 8 lbs 2.3 oz and 19″. We left the hospital at around 4:30 the next afternoon. After AppleBlossom I was out of it for weeks and pretty pathetic. After OrangeBlossom I was raring to eat and go home about three hours later. Explain that!? This was a much better experience for myself. . .

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