Among the Fair Magnolias: Four Southern Love Stories (Novella Collection) {Review}

I love novella collections, I really truly do. I love them for vacation to carry a little bit of everyone with you. But I also love them for meeting new authors. In this instance, all four of these ladies are not new to me. Actually all four of these ladies find themselves on my favorites list. Contains four sweeping stories from bestselling historical romance authors. Provides novella-length releases between authors’ full-length novels. One-of-a-kind stories set in antebellum and post-bellum Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Includes Reading Group Guides. Bonus content: Dorothy Love writes a good deep story. Even for a short story her writing can captivate an audience. It’s amazing when a character can make you so angry… I was wondering if this was going to be along the lines of an unrequited until very later years love story like a Nicholas Sparks novel. Reading the whole of. . .

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Thoughts on the things with bookmarks…

This is a different type of post for me. Often I have a desire to write a wrap up post for the month, but it just doesn’t happen. It seems like things just keep getting away from me and craziness sets in and there are so many things I want to share with you. So I’ve decided (in the last split second) that perhaps I will have some more “thoughts” posts in addition to my full polished reviews. Here is one… Right now I have bookmarks in a lot of things (isn’t that normal?!?!) and hopefully I’ll get a good many things reviewed and shared over the next few months. The original plan was to take December and January off from blogging, but with the surgeries, sicknesses, miscarriage, and most recent head cold I’ve already taken enough breaks for now and want to try to use some of this time. . .

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Coming Soon from the Pen, Please Welcome Historical Author Liz Tolsma!

Today is special, with a new-to-me author from Thomas Nelson ♥ Zondervan, part of the merger in HarperCollins Christian Publishing.  Please join me in welcoming Liz Tolsma! What made you interested in writing Christian Historical Fiction? Do you write any other genres? I love to read and I love to read historicals. History has always fascinated me, so it was the right fit. I’ve tried to write contemporary and chick lit, but my best work, my truest voice, is when I write Christian historical. Are there any other Christian Historical Fiction authors that you think your readers would enjoy? They would enjoy Sarah Sundin, Cara Putman, Tricia Goyer Are there bits and pieces that were cut in editing that you might ever share with your readers? When I write, I always keep a file called “deletes”, in case I should ever need that deleted scene or chapter back. I never have. There. . .

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A Bride for All Seasons: The Mail Order Bride Collection

1800s mail-order bride catalogs facilitated many happy marriages. Here are the stories of four couples who owe their wedded bliss to creative editing by The Hitching Post publisher.

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The Christian Mama’s Guide to Parenting a Toddler by Erin MacPherson {Preview}

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Parenting a Toddler: What’s a mom to do when her sweet baby’s smiles and snuggles turn to tears and tantrums?

This take on everything toddler—from throwing food to potty training to massive toddler fits—is filled with sanity-saving advice every mom wants to hear.

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So Shines the Night by Tracy L. Higley {Preview}

On an island teetering at the brink of anarchy, Daria finds hope among people of The Way.

She escaped a past of danger and found respite in beautiful Ephesus, a trading center on the Aegean coast, serving as tutor to Lucas, the wealthy merchant who rescued her.

But the darkness she fled has caught up with her.

The high priests of Artemis once controlled the city, but a group of sorcerers are gaining power. And a strange group who call themselves followers of The Way further threaten the equilibrium. As Daria investigates Lucas’s exploits into the darker side of the city, her life is endangered, and she takes refuge in the strange group of believers. She’s drawn to Paul and his friends, even as she wrestles with their teachings.

When authorities imprison Lucas for a brutal crime, Daria wonders if even Paul’s God can save him. Then she uncovers a shocking secret that could change everything—Lucas’s fate, her position in his household, and the outcome of the tension between pagans and Christians. But only if she survives long enough to divulge what she knows.

“Meticulously-researched, spellbindingly written with luscious prose and compelling and complex characters.” —Tosca Lee, New York Times best-selling author of Havah: The Story of Eve

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Margaret Brownley’s Honk If You Love Books Contest!

Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

Share Your Memory of a Car that Played an Important Role in Your Life’s Story for a Chance to Win a $100 Gas Card or One of 10 Copies of Waiting for Morning by Margaret Brownley

Margaret Brownley, New York Times bestselling author of the Brides of the Last Chance Ranch series, has a knack for writing incredible characters with loads of charm. In her upcoming novel, Waiting for Morning, it’s the character made of metal and bolts who steals scenes in this charming book. 

In Waiting for Morning, an historical romance set in the Arizona Territory in 1896, Dr. Caleb Fairbanks introduces the residents of the Last Chance Ranch to his beloved steam-powered “horseless carriage,” Bertha. This foreign contraption divides townspeople’s opinions between fascination and irritation thanks to Bertha’s incessant rattling and backfiring. When Caleb and backfiring Bertha incite gunfire from former dance hall girl, Molly Hatfield, the handsome doctor knows he’s in for an adventure with the intriguing woman and her spirited, wheelchair bound kid brother, Donny.

People’s love affair with their vehicles began when the first car hit the road in the 19th century. Since then, precious memories abound for this man and metal connection from the town car that delivered a bride to her waiting prince to the minivan bringing home a young couple’s first bundle of joy.

What vehicle played an important part in your life’s story? Email the story (no more than a few paragraphs) of the car that made a lasting impression in your life, along with pictures if you have them, to, for a chance to win a $100 gas card or copies of Waiting for Morning.  

Margaret will share the best stories and pictures on her Facebook page. Ten book winners and one grand prize winner of a $100 gas card will be notified Thursday, January 31.


To learn more about Margaret Brownley or her The Brides of Last Chance Ranch series, visit

One more chance to win! If you preorder Waiting for Morning from any retailer before Tuesday and forward your receipt to, you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa Card! 

Happy New Year, Friends!