Planning Ahead & Changes (Spring 2017)

What do you think it is about February that gets the brain thinking ahead toward the next school year? While this post is intended to be a planning ahead details for what we will do in the next school year, at the same time, I suppose, it is also a what’s up from what’s working and what’s not from the current school year. Hmm… or maybe this should be two posts? I guess I will just start typing and see how things work out in the end. The 2016-2017 school year for us included an advanced seven-year-old book loving third grader and a spirited attention-span of a butterfly fresh kindergartener with not a lick of interest in school. While we started enrolled in a partially online, partially at-home, distance-learning style accredited program – the entire experience was abysmal. Veritas Press, the publisher, has awesome curricula and we will continue to buy. . .

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New Year, New Starts and continued Works in Progress

By any accounting this blog post title might definitely be related to a needlecraft art. New Year, New Starts and WIPs sounds a bit like something directly out of a Stitch Maynia or Stitch from Stash SAL (stitch-a-long for those curious). Yet at the same time doesn’t that title ring true for a homeschool mama trekking alongside in school with her students? We need a fresh start. We need to regroup our progress and decide what is working and what efforts need to be tweaked to reach the optimal progress for us all to succeed. And then again, what about the mom blogger who wants to make a fresh and exhilarating new Year with an effort into affiliate funding and building review and other blog relations in the online community of similar mamas. While we are at it, why not throw in the prospect of new life growing deep in the womb. . .

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December, where did you come from?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can hardly believe that we are half way through the month of December and that much closer to starting a new year!? When I started this post the other day I was full of things to say, then I became distracted. Now, I’m sitting down to type and try again with a full battery in the laptop, but apparently, the internet has just lost connectivity, so hopefully this draft won’t disappear… Cross stitch, it’s my thing! I’m sitting down tonight to type and talk as I cannot stitch this evening. As a matter of fact, I’m not letting myself stitch at all today as I seem to have overdone it the last few days and my shoulder is hurting terribly from an apparent repetitive stitch injury. Oops! I know, I know! I just couldn’t help it though. I was finally able to. . .

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Weekly Wrap-Up (2/6/16)

More and more updates in the archives! Do you remember these goodies? I am also working behind the scenes to get in some new Coming Soon from the Pen Author Interview posts as well as some good Lent & Easter season goodies! Speaking of holidays, have you entered in the Valentine’s Day giveaway yet?  School It is so hard to comprehend that we are one month down in the new 2016 year! Thinking about school, I cannot believe that we are nearly finished with our first term in my six-year-old AppleBlossom’s SECOND GRADE year. I keep saying we’ll take it slow, but she just keeps on trekking. If we were really on schedule, you could say we’re a few weeks behind, but considering her age, I’m floored at how well we are doing. Finally, the Princess has started showing a bit more interest in school so I have been able. . .

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Woah! #tbt …and then it was 2004

When people asking me about blogging, my story always goes something along the lines of well… it was 2007 and I needed a place to share my creative work-in-progress image posts and then I started book reviewing… But if I were to really be honest, I suppose I would have to admit to having a blog way back when, before blogging was really the thing that it is now. Back when blogging was an online diary, where it was great to get out your emotions, your thoughts, your pent up feelings. If something commented, awesome. If not, no big deal. It was anonymous and freeing. I’ve been on WordPress for six years, as of today! Tonight I’m once again out of bed with a bit of insomnia. Teething (the upper canines) in my Rascal. I guess he’s about 18 months old or so now. (Somehow, I stopped keeping track… with AppleBlossom. . .

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One Word for 2016

It was in 2013 when I first participated in the one-word annual post. My word was creative. I didn’t get around to participating or naming a word in 2014, but if I had it probably would have been pregnant, hah! In 2015, my one word was up. Now for 2016, I’m coming back around again with something slightly different, but on the same vein… create. Create in me… Create in me a clean heart, oh God. I want to create a love of learning in my children. Cross stitching and quilting is so pleasant to me. I want to create cross stitch memories with my daughter. Create art with my needle. And perhaps, if I can manage, create a completed quilt – top to quilting! What is your inspiring word for 2016?

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Favorite Homeschool Resources

What a year of resources! I have found 2015 to be a very neat year for learning about new curricula and homeschool resources. *This post contains affiliate links that help bless the Creative Madness Mama family. This year I have discovered that I have a spirited child in my second daughter and in going forward I will have to tailor things toward her in a bit of a different way than we did for AppleBlossom. As for AppleBlossom, she is six-years-old and a good way through her second-grade curriculum. We have been deeply studying Ancient Egypt and the first portion of Old Testament. We’ve been also focusing on grammar and cursive. 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices We discovered a bit that is particularly challenging is that now she notices that her little sister is balking at the idea of school working and now she is trying to push things off as well. We’ve. . .

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Are you following me?

Greetings all! Can you believe that it is a new month?! I’m excited for what we’re going to accomplish in school. I’m anticipating what activities and decorations we might make for the fall season the holidays to come after that! We’re immersed in books on apples and harvest festivals and I could not be more pleased with the progress I’m making on my blog. Hmm… that brings me to think, are you following me? Obviously you got here somehow, but I want to make sure you know where I am so that you can follow me in your favorite manner. Well there is the soon-to-be newsletter with the subscription box at the end of the post. If you’re reading in a feed, you may need to click through to see it. So make sure to use your favorite subscription options (and feel free to comment and tell me your favorite!). . .

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I’ve been busy! Creative Madness Mama update!

At a glance, you might assume that I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. I assure you that is not the case! Behind the scenes I’ve been busy busy busy! [bctt tweet=”Creative Madness Mama is making updates and her blog is even prettier! Check out! “] I have spent a lot of time updating some posts and creating pinnable images. If you missed any of these reviews in the past, go read them and learn from our experiences in our homeschool journey! Also, I’m slowly going through reviews adding them to my Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin {aff} database to make things easy to index and find. I’m discovering old great things and making pretty new things in my book reviews. I’m delighted with my experience so far and I’m sure it will make your visits to Creative Madness Mama even more successful!   Catch up on July:. . .

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Wrapping Up Weeks 1-3 (2015-2016)

Homeschool Edition! Homeschool is our way of life Technically as far as schedules go we should really be starting school the day after Labor Day, but with new review products arriving, sale prices of online curriculum, and my daughter’s begging to do the next thing – we went a head and jumped in and started the week as the birthdays went by. That seems to be a pretty good plan for us. Summer between the birthdays – that gives us mid-July to mid-August to read and IXL [review] our way through a short summer. Otherwise… I’d say we school year round briefly following with the general idea of VPSA, Highlands Latin School, and keeping in mind the local school schedules (avoid the museums on spring break etc!). This week in our Preschool I’m really going to have to work on this. All those emails and blog posts I ignored over. . .

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Thoughts with a New School Year?

What are your thoughts with this new school year? You can find an entire listing of other blogs participating on my landing page, or the Crew blog. But here is a handful you might want to visit today! But head back, as we will be sharing all week long. The Schoolhouse Review Crew will be joining forces with Homeschool Blogging Connection to bring you a week full of back to school encouragement. I recommend you to grab a cup of tea and take some moments to explore and get a gander at what our fellow bloggers are sharing this week in the 2015 Back to Homeschool Blog Hop   Cristi @ Through the Calm and Through the Storm Meg @ Adventures with Jude Dawn @ Double O Farms DaLynn @ For the Display of His Splendor Monique @ Mountain of Grace Homeschooling Steph @ Indy Homeschool Kym @ Homeschool Coffee. . .

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Reasons to read an eBook novella

A few years ago you would never find me reading novellas, much lesson eBook novellas. However, time went on to where it was time, space, and financially-worthy for me to get an eReader. Then I discovered a freebie one day in the title of Gentleman of Her Dreams and read it. It was an author that I didn’t know but the cover and description were awesome. I loved every minute of it! You can read my review of that novella and the books in the series that it prequels as well (here). After this I became thirsty for anything written by the author Jen Turano and she remains a favorite author of mine today! Now I think e-novella books are awesome! The freebies are a wonderful idea and have introduced me to a few favorites that I am glad to buy and recommend and buy for family & friends in. . .

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Another day.

So, VBS nursery duty. Wednesday sick kid exposure. Friday, sick baby Rascal (aka Almond). Sunday, sick Princess (aka OrangeBlossom). Wednesday, sick AppleBlossom. Saturday, sick mama. *sigh*

Fevers are pretty much gone. No more fever reducers or honey-cough needed much. AppleBlossom is having some pretty bad waking up with painful coughing (drainage and such) so we’ve given her a bit more there. But otherwise I’m toughing it out and dealing with three kids with runny noses and my own sore throat feeling.

We will survive. Eventually.

And in the meanwhile, since she’s no longer fevered, we’ve jumped back into schoolwork. We are trying to get some stuff done from the last year and have made some interesting decisions for the up coming year on curriculum and such. More details, if you’re interested…

A word from the silence…

Last week was VBS at our church. I was in the nursery watching workers kiddos including my own 11 month old Rascal. On Wednesday, day 3, a child had a non-stop faucet or clear runny nose and a faint cough. On Thursday, day 4, a second child had a repetitive cough. On Friday, the day after VBS ended my Rascal had a runny nose, and by evening a cough.

Now, days later he has a horrid congested cough. Runny nose with no end, and is just a clinging whimpering mess. He had two days of a moderately high fever topping out at 103.9 one night. Now he’s steady at 99.9. A few days ago, I watched in near slow motion horror as OrangeBlossom in her three year old loving self kissed him on his clear wet nose. As of last night she is following in full symptoms currently sporting a 103.5 fever. But her attitude is still good as long as it’s not night. I did not like the sound of a croupe cough last night, I hope that was just a fluke of congestion. I really don’t want to repeat that with another child after experiencing it so much with AppleBlossom.


Studying History {Grammar Stage}

This week has been a blur with our starting of history. Last January we read the first several chapters of The Story of The World: Ancients (SOTW) and then again this March we started over here and there and have read through chapter five and we are enthusiastically discussing all-things ancient Egypt. We’ve watched everything possible on Netflix from King Tut to the mysteries of the Pyramids of Giza to all the fictitious of The Mummy and The Scorpion King sagas. (It appears there maybe a new series added this month of an Egypt lifestyle so I will have to explore that.) We’ve also read more. And experienced Egyptology more. AppleBlossom has started her lessons in the Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Lessons in Old Testament Ancient Egypt (OTAE) and is through Lesson five just having completed her first test. (Thanks to the 50% off sale!!) We’ve snuggled and read the. . .

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