Wrap up? Update?

I’m not sure if I want to call this a weekly update or am October wrap up. Either way. . . We’ve been trekking along in school. AppleBlossom is 5 years 4 months old. OrangeBlossom is 3 years 2-3/4 months old. Almond boy Blossom is 3-1/2 months old. AppleBlossom is doing a plethora of fun things. We call this year K5 but a majority of what we are doing is technically called First Grade, although we are in no rush. This week we have come upon the first quarter in Seton Home Study School First Grade, our intent was to make this curriculum last two years, but so far outside of art and music it doesn’t look like it will, so we might make it with lots of reading being our second year of it. But this is only the first quarter so who knows what the next three quarters. . .

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Another day, just keeping it honest.

So far today… Well there was the frog. The girls have watched Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses. Diaper changes, fussy baby, lots if laundry, one book review and one page of math. Wait? That’s it for school. Hmm… Now OrangeBlossom is sobbing because she wants a Hershey Kiss (we don’t have any not have we ever…) and AppleBlossom is begging for a snack, again. Almond just went into the crib asleep, but oh wait the sobbing is now making him moan. Hmm… Did I eat lunch? I did have creamy quinoa for breakfast (finally)! Although I heated it twice in between. Hold catastrophes and still ate it cold…

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Frog in the laundry room

AppleBlossom is working on the Cat in the Hat with a tag pen. OrangeBlossom is singing loudly asking for the repeat princess dress (hasn’t been washed yet but isn’t really dirty) and a princess book and a princess movie. Almond is saying he’s hungry. Nurse Almond, put him down, going for laundry, in chaos. Washer is already going, lean to put rag in sink and FROG!!!! How is your morning?  

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School another today

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep and then when going to bed I poked a baby awake so he would nurse while I was still awake. The Enginerd was already fast asleep so I took Almond boy with me to the living room. We both fell asleep out there until toddler OrangeBlossom discovered me while in route to the potty. Off to bed then for reals. Normal waking nursing after that. Until two hours later with the booming thunder and lightning enough to shake the house. So I left the boys in my room and ran to the girls. Both were terrified of course. I jumped in between them and wrapped my arms around little girl AppleBlossom at my chest and other arm and legs back to OrangeBlossom behind me. I woke up when the Enginerd came and poked me to say he was leaving. I then relocated back to. . .

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K5 and PreK3 Curriculum for Fall 2014 (Verbose Post)

AppleBlossom’s K5 and OrangeBlossom’s PreK 3 Fall 2014 Curriculum (with a newborn Almond Blossom in the mix):   The LONG Post The Short Post, and Picture Post to come… *Before I get started. This is a conversational post. There are no affiliate links in the text, however I do have accounts and would gladly share them if you’re interested. And/or if there is something I mention and you want to know where to find it or more information, I’d gladly talk your internet ear off about any of this, here below.* *grin* Continuing for AppleBlossom (as mentioned in the Previous Curriculum page) Memoria Press Curriculum with Enrichment (substituting EPS Primary Phonics Readers Sets with Bob Books). We have finished from our K4 previous plans: Memoria Press Kindergarten Lesson Plans, Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment Guide, Memoria Press First Start Reading, Bob Books Beginning Readers, American Language Society Fun in the Sun,. . .

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School today

Today started like any other day. Girls bouncing in my bed near seven am wondering if baby brother and I are awake or sleeping. Awake now apparently… Into the kitchen to take my blood sugar and pour cereal for the girls. I lament I haven’t made a new batch of quinoa for myself and tell myself I need to as it would be a much better breakfast for me. Then I’m stacking up books near the green chair. I’ve put a dry diaper, clean clothes, squealing with joy baby on the floor gym and he’s kicking away inching diagonally along the mat. First, big five year old sister crawls into my lap and we do about three lessons in The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading . Then we finish up reading Bob Books from the Big blue Costco box, so I think this means she has read all if. . .

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Book blogging

Trying to keep up with the hype in blogging is exhausting. I’m tired. I think one of my problems is that I’ve attempted a desire to spin too many plates (and do it well). I cannot be a fantastic mommy blogger, homeschool blogger, craft blogger, and book blogger. I can cover bits of it, but I can master it all and I need to accept it.


I started as a craft blogger and then book blogger and I need to keep with the passion that blogging books gives me. Here’s to a new influential wind!

Thinking back for planning forward…

So pardon the lack of images and links as I type from my phone while lying in bed. (Lying/laying? – grammar is definitely a weakness for me). I was looking back at the “Birth Story” post where I recalled the awful experience of AppleBlossom’s birth and the “Had a Baby” experience of been there done that in OrangeBlossom birth to remind myself of what is to come. I’m a little curious about what I wrote on AB, because that’s not how I currently recall the statistics but maybe I was orally told something then and know it now from paperwork to differ. Who knows. I also recalled the time wrong with OB. So, history shows two girls delivered nearly naturally. Both vaginally with no epidural. Just IV pain and pitocin. (2009) normal visit found 5.5 cm dilation with unfelt contractions, pitocin added two hours later, manual water break (AROM –. . .

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Okay mamas…

So last night apparently resulted in a bed wetting episode. My girls are nearly 3 and 5 and share a full size bed. The nearly 3 year kid has been in regular little girl panties for nearly six months. At night she usually sleeps in a pair with more padding and a wool cover and hasn’t had an accident in more than three months. There is a waterproof mattress on the bed. This morning. .. It’s the top of the mattress about two feet round. Under the pillow top, down the side, the rail is wet, the bed skirt has a four foot wet area and the underside of the mattress has about a four foot wet area. The carpet is dry. The bed frame is also wet and discolored. The mattress sweats when you press on it. I’ve gone though two bath towels and it’s still soaking. I’m mad. . .

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Blood glucose

I’m so frustrated! Had a full dinner with chicken, cream and rice (so I had the protein and carbs). After my BG was 109 (shouldn’t be quite that low after a “hearty” meal). So I ate more, added some lemonade and a bit later some chocolate chips. Trying to sleep and felt funny so I checked again at 1:30 and my BG is 62!

I’m so frustrated! I’m suppose to take this Rx at night to be lower in the morning, but I’m bottoming out at night and high in the morning!