• The Mystery of History

When Shadows Fall

Their lives torn by war, Matthew and Rebekah fight to keep their worlds intact. Rebekah wishes she could turn back time, and go home. Matthew wishes his arms could be the home she runs to. Available May 1 http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-289/Shadows-Book-One-cln–When/Detail.bok   EXCERPT Rebekah followed the attendant to a horse drawn, covered wagon in the alley. “You must have pull, ma’am. Lincoln himself says you’re to keep this.” She watched in stunned silence as he settled Robert on a pallet of blankets. He turned to her. “Well, that’ll do ya. I best get back. And, ma’am, don’t be staying any longer in these parts then need be. Ya hear?” “Thank you,” Rebekah called after him. She unloaded her things from the hackney and paid the driver. After settling Andrew, she climbed on the buckboard, took a deep breath, and snapped the reins, heading the horse out of the city. She would wait till. . .

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Touched By Mercy available now!!!

Touched By Mercy by Tina Pinson (Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc) Angelina! She wasn’t Samantha’s daughter, but she should have been. Samantha mothered her with love like she was her own. The child became heaven in her world. Now the child was gone. Samantha felt her world slipping away. She had to find Angelina. She prayed. But doubted God would hear her. How could he when she was so dirty? And how could she trust a God who she believed abandoned her? Hopefully this God wouldn’t abandon Angelina, but she can’t be certain. With little faith that God will protect Angelina, Sam is driven to find the child. God uses the gentle hands of another carpenter to strip back the layers of abuse that have tarnished her faith and worth to teach Sam there is mercy and love instead of shame. And show her, that though it seems out of reach,. . .

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