Top Ten Places I search for our next Read Aloud (Book Lists)

Creative Madness Mama top ten reading lists

Hi, my name is Margaret and I’m a book-a-holic. You caught me. I am without excuse a complete bibliophile, a book nerd, collector, and I missed my calling as a classical librarian. One of my utterly favorite things to do since I caught the homeschooling bug is to make book lists. I have book lists for reading aloud. Book lists for required student reading. Book lists for enrichment and unit study purposes. Book lists for taking our studies a bit further. Book lists for entertaining and educating and book lists for just plain escaping into the pages of a story. I am delighted to discover a new book list source! Share your book lists with me! Memoria Press My most appealing book lists come from particular curriculums that I’m in love with. For instance, Memoria Press has never steered me wrong when it comes to books. From Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten,. . .

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I’m crazy, but leave me alone! I’m Nesting!!

People have asked if I have… started cleaning the house like crazy? Nope. Folding and refolding baby clothes? Nope. Repainted or made a million baby items? Nope and nope. But I will admit that I have reorganized, sorted and completely labeled all the cloth diapers more than ten or even fifteen times. What’s wrong with that huh? It needs to be done! When people like Grandmama or SisterB come and need to change a diaper (that’s why they’ll be here right???) they need to know what’s what right? It’s necessary. So I’ve got my labels from Accessories to Medium gDiapers, Medium Kissaluvs, Medium FuzziBuns, Night Fitteds and Inserts… Small/Medium Wool for AppleBlossom as well as Medium Covers, Prefolds for AppleBlossom in the day and night if necessary, One Size Covers, All-in-One OS Diapers… Newborn Wool, Newborn/Small Covers for OrangeBlossom, Newborn Prefolds (in the laundry being prepped!), Newborn Fitted and AIOs,. . .

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