Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 {Movie Review}

Creative Madness Mama reviews Galaxy Buck film

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 is a must-see for all ages, from VeggieTales creator PHIL VISCHER! Kids will enjoy Buck Denver’s latest adventure with his friends from What’s In the Bible? and parents will appreciate the humorous nods to Star Wars and Star Trek. More importantly, Phil Vischer’s gifted teaching delivers a clear message to kids and adults about God’s love and purpose for our lives. Galaxy Buck communicates important Biblical truths that will add to everyone’s faith foundation, whether a life-long Christian or a new creation in Christ.

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VeggieTales®: Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men

In this Veggie-version of the classic tale, Larry the Cucumber stars as Robin Good, a fearless man who roves the town of Bethlingham with his band of merry men to help people by fundraising from the rich and giving to the poor! But when a greedy Prince starts stealing the townspeople’s hams, donations are down and Robin’s friends take off and decide to give robbing from the rich a try.

Feeling rejected, Robin thinks things can’t get any worse, until he finds out that the ham-hoarding Prince has also captured his friends. Can Robin overcome his own hurt, rescue his friends and restore the townspeople’s hope?

A story of faith, strength, and friendship, this timeless tale will warm the hearts of children everywhere!

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Larry Learns to Listen and Bob Lends a Helping Hand VeggieTales DVDs {+ Giveaway}

Bob Lends a Helping Hand: When Joe’s mom breaks her big left toe, Bob the Tomato decides to help. Larry and Joe offer their ‘superhero’ help, too, but that’s not exactly what Bob has in mind. Kids will discover right along with Larry and Joe that everyone can be a superhero if you lend a helping hand!

Includes two classic shows:
“Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue” and “Lyle the Kindly Viking”

Larry Learns to Listen: When Larry’s new Space Squadron game finally arrives, he’s so anxious to play that he forgets to read the directions. When his friends do their best to tell him, Larry refuses to listen! What happens? His games goes ‘KERPOW!’ That’s when Larry learns a valuable lesson in listening as his friends come to the rescue. Kids will discover, right along with Larry, that God gave friends and family to help us though each day– so when we listen we don’t miss what others have to say!

Also includes two classic shows:
“Pistachio – The Little Boy Who Woodn’t” and “Josh and the Big Wall”

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Princess and the Popstar VeggieTales DVD

Princess and the Popstar VeggieTales DVD Genre: Christian Children’s Musical DVD Recommended Ages: 4-14 Duration: Approx. 50 minutes Release:  August 16, 2011 Publisher: Big Idea, Inc VeggieTales®: Princess and the Pop Star Tells A Story of Trading Places And Teaches A Lesson In Being Yourself Princess Poppyseed’s life on her family’s farm is far from the glamorous but lonely world of her favorite pop singer Vanna Banana.  On a chance meeting at a playground, Vanna and Princess cross paths and realize that they look almost exactly alike—which leads to the crazy secret plan where they decide to switch lives!  As each girl realizes that the life they longed for doesn’t fulfill all of their dreams, they learn that the life God gave them is the one for which they were uniquely and lovingly designed. VeggieTales: Princess and the Pop Star will feature plenty of high-energy, family-friendly music, including the new. . .

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Princess Petunia’s Sweet Apple Pie from Big Idea, Inc. (I Can Read!)

Princess Petunia’s Sweet Apple Pie Genre: Christian Children’s I Can Read! Pages: 32 Paperback Date Published: January 2011 Publisher: Zondervan This series of Veggie Tale I Can Read books at Level One are sure to become favorites of young emergent readers and their parents and teachers. Using the beloved characters of Bob and Larry as well as their other Veggie friends, young readers will learn strong morals and values as well as be charmed by the humor and accessibility of the brand. A Lesson in Being Helpful When the King of Scone holds a pie contest, every knight wants to win! But what happens when Princess Petunia gives up her oven to help another Veggie? At first when I found out that there were going to be VeggieTales I Can Read! books I became very excited. However after getting my hands on this one I have mixed feelings. The story. . .

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Twas’ the Night Before Easter VeggieTales DVD!

It’s Easter time in Crisper County and cable news reporter Marlee Meade (Petunia Rhubarb) is hunting for a way to help others. On a tip that the old town theater will be shut down, Marlee cooks up a plan to save the stage and make a difference through the power of musical theater! With a cast of costume-clad townies, massive props and a 20-foot robot rabbit — “Up With Bunnies” is hatched! There’s only one thing missing — the star of the show!

When news spreads that singing sensation Cassie Cassava (Melinda Doolittle) is arriving to perform in her hometown church’s Easter service, Marlee gets worried. Concerned about the competition, she schemes to steal the starlet for her own pageant! But when things go haywire, will it be curtains for Marlee’s dreams — or will she discover the true meaning of Easter and what helping others is really all about?

Featured Siily Song: The Hopparena

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VeggieTales: It’s a Meaningful Life eCard Puzzle Game

It’s getting cold and AppleBlossom and I are snuggled down watching our new VeggieTales It’s a Meaningful Life DVD again! And guess what? You can too! Here’s an awesome coupon for $3 off!! (Also, it’s currently available on Netflix Instant View with others!) There is also a great Christmas eCard: The Holiday season is here, and to celebrate Big Idea would like to share with you the It’s A Meaningful Life eCard Puzzle Game.  Put a puzzle together for a special message to send to your family and loved ones and wish them a very veggie Christmas!  The eCard features four different scenes from It’s A Meaningful Life and ranges in three different levels of difficulty (12, 24, or 36 piece). eCard – Puzzle Game Link: Yet… if you already have the DVD there are so many more great VeggieTales ideas of Christmas presents that you will all love!. . .

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VeggieTales Veggie Values: A Board Book Collection

VeggieTales Veggie Values: A Board Book Collection Genre: Christian Children’s Board Books Pages: ~12 — 7 wide x 7 high x 0.4 deep in. Recommended Ages: 2-5 Date Published: August 2010 Publisher: Zondervan A collection of beloved VeggieTales board books that playfully convey the importance of sharing, listening, helping others, and having good manners! This set includes: Larry Learns to Listen, Share the Year Together, Bob Lends a Helping… Hand? and Peas and Thank You! I’ve said it before, but I will continue to say it again… I love VeggieTales! Right now as a young toddler, my daughter is starting to get some exposure to VeggieTales through movies and music and now thanks to this collection she is also getting some reading in too. The Veggie Values Collection is an incredible good value in both quality and price. These are some great stories and the books themselves are extremely durable!. . .

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It’s a Meaningful Life VeggieTales DVD

Life is more than a game…

It was the biggest football game of his life and Stewart (Larry the Cucumber) had a chance to win it all. Injured in one bad play, his hopes of playing in the Salad Bowl—and living a life of fame and fortune—are dashed forever. Years later, silly-but-sweet Stewart loves his family, friends and job at the toy train factory, but still wonders “what if” things had been different. When he meets a mysterious train conductor who can turn back time, Stewart gets a chance to have the life he always wanted. Will he find all he’s been looking for? And what does this mean for those he loves most? Find out in this story of wonder and a lesson in being content.

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