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Whistlefritz Francais (French) PreK/Elementary Language Lessons {Review}

My foreign language choice in high school was French. I took years of classes, but it was not until I went and spent a near-month in French-speaking Canada completely immersed that I truly got a solid hold of the language. (Though, I could use a good review!) Through the blessing of the Homeschool Review Crew this language immersion program for PreK/Elementary school came available from Whistlefritz and I am delighted to be reviewing the Educator’s French Collection.  For several years now I have been searching for curriculum to start exposing my children to the French language. My French-Canadian God-mother sent us some fairy tale books and reusable workbooks, but they were more of a second level introduction and I was unsure how to really get us started. With Whistlefritz, I have discovered that truly jumping in is a great way to do it!   For the purposes of this review, I have been. . .

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