Building tiaras and cakes

Building tiaras 👑 and cakes 🎂 for Mother’s Day and sisters out of Duplo Legos. It is amazing how the same thing can entertain for hours. Braids, thanks to the Enginerd daddy. I better enjoy them down because they’ll be cut short one day soon. #bigsister #firstborn #middlesister #legoduplo #mothersday from Instagram:

ArtAchieve (online subscription) {Review}

I have three children that love to color and create, but it is my oldest that verbally states she wants to be an artist when she is an adult. Thus when a review opportunity arose to check out ArtAchieve and their Entire Level I program, we were very excited to volunteer and have been blessed to be a part of this tour with the Homeschool Review Crew. For the purposes of this review we were given access to an online subscription and purchased a few art essential supplies. Some materials we were familiar with from trying other art programs in the past, however some were new and took me a while to find in person. I will note that online I was able to find everything easily, but I wanted to try to source supplies locally and it did take more time. If I were planning to only review this program with. . .

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Little Stitching Fairy #WIP #xstitch

…and we have a face! ‘Little Stitching Fairy’, chart directly from @joanelliottdesign and fabric is opalescent ‘salior’s moon’ Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. #xstitch #crossstitch #littlestitchingfairy #handdyed #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchmaynia #dmcfloss from Instagram:

Laughing at myself – curriculum thoughts

Today I stumbled across an old forum post that I wrote about this time last year. I hope I’m not too late to join the party! The Princess, is my “spirited” four year old. Night and day scholastic comparison to her sister (my six year old accelerated student, finishing second grade) so it is quite the adventure to try to understand her. We have been using Preschool, then SC:A-C. With the older, it was checkbox it all and keep trekking. With the Princess, we have two good days and then she refuses it all and prefers disruption and drama. I’ve given up on structure with her for now. We pick and choose from the read aloud lists on the levels I mentioned. She also is working on the A-I workbooks after the other A-D series also from R&S in addition to Alphabet Books, Numbers Books, and FSR. She has lost. . .

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March Stitchy Update #WIP #xstitch

Here are my stitches for March. I didn’t quite keep up with photos as well as I should. In the bottom row, there are two new fabric stashqusitions. One will be for Andromeda and the other for Mermaid Heaven. #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchmaynia #xstitch #crossstitch #march #2017 #xstitching #xstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix #flosstube from Instagram:

Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set (Memoria Press) {Review}

Do you even have to ask to know that this Creative Madness Mama absolutely adores materials from the people behind Memoria Press? In addition to teaching my own children on their level, I am also slowly working myself through the upper levels of material in continuing my own Classical Christian Education. Right now, I am delighted to have started a portion of the eighth grade Classical History curriculum. Thanks to the blessing of the Homeschool Review Crew, I am able to review Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set, a set of The Iliad & The Odyssey curriculum from Memoria Press which makes up the plans for Classical History in the second semester of a planned eighth grade year. What is in the complete set? Our box arrived, and knowing the Memoria Press logo, my third grade daughter was ecstatic. We opened it up and while I was trying to explain to her. . .

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HAED #WIP #xstitch

Making some progress but not sure if I will make the challenge deadline. About two weeks left I believe. Hopefully I can get more done and not burn out in the process! 25 count 1×1 on Lugana #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitching #xstitchersofinstagram #haed #heavenandearthdesigns #ruthsanderson #spring #winter #pointdecroix from Instagram:

The Littlest Mermaid at school…

How do you confine a non-interested princess to sit and read? Put her in a non-mobile mermaid blanket where she must stay put with a pile of literary material. #amreading #homeschool #kindergarten #harpercollins #childrensbooks #crochet #needlecraft #craftblogger #grandmaisthebest from Instagram:

The Raven Queen #WIP #xstitch

I’ve been working on The Raven Queen for the last three days. She is the perfect #wip for M is for Mirabilia and Color a Day Aquamarine. #craftblogger #needlecraft #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitching #xstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix #flosstube #aquamarine #stitchmaynia #stitchfromstash2017 #2016starts #mirabilia #noracorbett #theravenqueen #sunnydyesfabrics from Instagram: