Cross Stitch #WIP Updates (December 2017)

The month of November (my birthday month!) was very stitchy for me. #november #crossstitch . . . #dmcfloss #fantasydyedfabrics #stitchmaynia #xstitchersofinstagram #stitchfromstash2017 #sunnydyesfabrics #asit #joanelliott #myfirststitch #bucilla A post shared by Creative Madness Mama Margaret (@cherryblossommj) on Dec 2, 2017 at 11:53am PST So far December has started off being pretty stitchingly gratifying as well. I started off December carrying over my progress on The Time Traveler by Joan Elliott. I am working on a 28 count opalescent individual dye from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics. So far she is a delight to work on. I’ve had a bit more frogging that I’ve experienced in the past, but I used to be a make-it-work stitcher and I’m trying to be a bit more dedicated now. Plus there may have been some late nights and a fever involved with some of that… She is nearly to a half way to completion point, but. . .

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All is Bright by Nancy Guthrie {Review}

[PINNABLE IMAGE 735xh] I know, I know, it’s been a while since you’ve seen a book review from me! The reading has calmed down as I’ve dived more into homeschooling and running around with a baby. Oh, wait, you missed that? Well, she’s just over seven months old now, my fourth child and third baby girl. The others are doing great and we’re addicted to adult coloring books! My eight and six year old girls are truly coming into learning patience and calming techniques with the privilege of being able to use Mama’s coloring books. 😉 All is Bright by Nancy Guthrie is one of my favorite seasonal books and I’m delighted to pull it out again this year, and I’m sure I will be continuing to work in it for years to come. The pages are double sided and this is the seemingly standard square shape for these type of coloring books.. . .

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Why I may start Bible Journaling…

Years ago, as in high school years, I remember spending hours in the local Christian Book store seeking the perfect Bible. I was a doodler and a notetaker, and I needed big ole margins and it was so hard to find what I needed. Eventually I settled on The Inductive Study Bible. I used it so much that the leather-like cover was in tatters and it was written all over. When I got married to my wonderful Enginerd I left it behind and replaced it with a lovely embossed Life Application Study Bible (with NO margins to speak of!). I still highlight, and write down the edges, but it has never been the same. Often time I remember the fun I had with my long term high school Bible and miss it, miss the experience and the hours of study that went in to it. You see, that one had. . .

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Santa’s Workshop #WIP #xstitch

I’ve pulled out a Christmas 🎄 project now that my Time Traveler is at about the halfway point. #santasworkshop #christmas #christmas2017sal #2016start #crossstitch #craftblogger #stitchmaynia #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchersofinstagram #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix #joanelliott from Instagram:

Seven Months Old

7 months old. Are you kidding me? This little lady who came five weeks early to come and giggle for us is 7 months old today. 👶🏼 #babysister #babynumber4 #mermaidblossom #sevenmonthsold #bestlittlesister
In other news I got my license today. Back in like 1999. 🚗
Also, Remember Pearl Harbor. 🙏🏻 🇺🇸 🚢 🌴 from Instagram:

Time Traveler by Joan Elliott #WIP #xstitch

Today’s plan is to get down into the khaki green of her skirt. I love this lady. She’s just gorgeous. #dmcfloss #2017starts #flosstube #crossstitch #craftblogger #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #stitchmaynia #fantasydyedfabrics #dmcfloss from Instagram:

The all seeing Princess…

So this happened. The Princess 👸🏼 got glasses on Monday. Farsighted and astigmatism. So now we’re back in the first real day of schoolwork (starting with snuggle-school of course) and so far very positive attitude. #babynumber2 #newglasses #sixyearsold #mathlessonsforalivingeducation #pigmath #snuggleschool #charlottemason #homeschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoolmama from Instagram: